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Spitfire details and Pricing
The Spitfire has charisma, but it's beauty is only the icing on the cake. When you look closer, you will find a strong, maintenance free airframe that is capable of providing hundreds of hours of flying enjoyment. The feel of the control stick transposes confidence that makes you want to fly just about anywhere. Floats or ski's provide year round fun flying. Two or four stroke engines are available to suit your flying needs.

Spitfire ll details and Pricing
Sport flying or training, the two seat Spitfire ll sports strength and durability. A strong instructor / student confidence from day one. Fiberglass pod, bucket seat, and high top windshield, are creature comforts afforded the two seat pilot. A full instrument panel provides insight to a reliable engine combination. If you are a general aviation pilot, or a CFI/BFI/AFI instructor, check out the financial rewards the Spitfire ll can achieve. 

Clipper details and Pricing
For those of you who like the total airplane look, check out this bird !! A slow flying tail-dragger designed to use two stroke ROTAX or four stroke VW engine combinations. The 4130 welded fuselage fits pilots over 6' tall and has a carrying capacity of over 350 lbs. Floats or ski's are easily adaptable for water or snow operation. Again, our design sports a strong, durable, minimum maintenance airframe. This provides you with hundreds of hours of fun dependable flying. Three axis controls plus flaps are standard features. 
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