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SPITFIRE l, (503)

CLIPPER, (503)


Purchasing Requirements

Customers must submit 50% deposit for all ultralight kits. All Rotax engine purchases must be paid in full at time of purchase. All  shipments are F.O.B. Houston, Texas. Prices do not include freight or insurance cost. All ultralight kits must be paid in full  before shipping. All parts orders up to $1000.00 can be shipped C.O.D. unless otherwise specified. Funds may be submitted  by personal check, cashiers check, money orders, bank transfer or VISA & MASTERCARD. Sail cover orders are not  refundable. All sales are final. A restocking charge may be imposed on all cancellations. All overseas orders must be paid in full  before shipping. No letters of credit will be accepted. A 6% State Sales tax will be charged to Texas residence. All prices in  U.S. Dollars 

Terms Conditions & Disclaimers

Purchaser acknowledges that ultralight and sport aviation are experimental action and recreational sports, such activities are subject to mishap, injury and even death. Since manufacturer cannot govern these activities, it, therefore, hereby disclaims any  liability, purchaser further acknowledges that manufacturer gives no warranties, either expressed or implied, nor are there any  warranties that the manufacturerís products are fit for any purpose whatsoever.

Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, arising from the use of the merchandise  purchased hereunder or for consequential damage or special damage, even if purchaser has been advised of the possibility of  such damages.

The buyer hereby expressly assumes all risk inherent in the activity of flying, including the use and operation of the  merchandise sold hereunder, and warrants that prior to the operation of said merchandise, buyer shall assume the risk of such  operations.

Manufacturer has reserved the right to change the design of any new ultralight aircraft, accessories, or parts thereof at any time  without notice and without obligation to make the same or any similar change upon any ultralight accessories or parts thereof  previously purchased by or shipped to purchaser or being manufactured or sold in accordance with purchaserís orders.

It is mutually understood and agreed that: (a) There are not implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a particular  purpose or which extend beyond the description of said property on the face thereof. (b) There are no express warranties and  no representations, promises or statements that have been made by manufacturer in respect of said property unless endorsed  hereon or incorporated herein by reference hereon.


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