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(Current as of 06/01/09)

Specifications Sheet (.pdf format)

Performance Stats Sheet (.pdf format)

Spitfire ll Cost Sheet

Base Kit Price $10,750.00
Includes: All aluminum tubing, precut, drilled, and bent To specifications, brackets, all AN hardware Nuts, bolts, washers, 5 gal tank, control cables Seat covers, sail covers, plastic fittings. Tires And rims. (Ten gal. Spit. II)  
Engine Package


Rotax 582 (65 hp) Dual Carburetor, dual Electronic ignition, rear mounted exhaust, Gear drive C box, 3:47:1, Electric Start CALL
       1) Dual Front Mount Radiator System $ 784.57
       2) Oil Reservoir and Mount Brackets $ 164.60
       3) Dual throttle cable system. $ 98.60
       4) Engine Cold Primer system $ 29.95
       5) Exhaust Mounting Kit $ 134.63
       6) Coolant Recovery Tank $ 164.00
       7) Air Cleaners $ 56.80
  3- Blade 72 Ground Adjustable for 582 Engine (Kevlar) $ 960.00
Propeller Spinners
  Small Diameter Spun Aluminum $ 125.00
Fiberglass cowlings
  Furnished in grey gel coat finish

$ 525.00

Fiberglass Dash pod $ 165.00
Windscreen, Lexan $ 145.00
Battery & Charging System Components
  1) Regulator Rectifier $ 96.55
  2) Battery Box $130.00
  3) Battery, 18 amp capacity, gel cell type $ 98.60
  4) Keyed Ignition Switch $ 89.90
  5) Positive and Negative Leads kit $ 35.63
  6) Misc. parts kit $ 15.00
Instrument Package
  Altimeter, Airspeed, Dual Cylinder Head Temperature, Dual Exhaust Gas Temperature, Tachometer.  ( Dual Exh. Gas Temp. replaced with Water Temp. for 582S) $1050.00
Ballistic Recovery Systems Call
Professional Assembly (Assemble Base Kit) Includes painting Call

Note: All prices are subject to change without notice. All engine orders must be prepaid in full In advance of the order. All kits must be paid in full before assembly is started. A 65% Deposit is required on any kit orders. No refunds on orders after 1 week. No refunds On sail cloth coverings for the aircraft. All overseas orders are paid in full before shipment is released to shipper. Shipper may verify completeness of order.
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