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Aircraft For Sale

Aircraft for sale at this time include....

Spitfire Two - Assembled, with E-LSA certificate
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  • This two seat Spitfire was built in 2005 and has 40 hours of flying time already accumulated on the aircraft.
  • It is powered by a 582 blue top Rotax engine (65hp) with a 3:1 drive and a Kevlar propeller.
  • It has an instrument pod panel with airspeed, altimeter, duel egt, water temperature and hour meter.
  • The fuel tank is a 10 gallon capacity and an extra 10 gallon tank can be added for longer cruise ranges.
  • Also included is a Ballistic parachute and a emergency locator transmitter on board the aircraft.
  • The landing gear is double leaf spring gear with a steel extended nose fork.
  • Brakes are provided on the main gear.
  • Aircraft is in our facility and awaiting immediate sale.
  • The value of this aircraft if purchased new would be $38,000 U.S. Dollars assembled.


Asking price is (MAKE REASONABLE OFFER) U.S. Dollars.


Contact Ultralight America by e-mail at:  

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