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Electro Dynamic Air Vehicle
January, 2004

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            Progress has been continuing this last year of 2003 in research and development of the overall design of the REPULSION Accelerator System (IMPLO-MOTOR) and the aircraft itself. Several startling revelations have come to my attention, which have ultimately impacted the vehicle design and overall construction. A lot of these concerns address” in flight” safety issues. To be assured of what goes up must come down, and it’s the come down affect that worries me most.

            Victor Schauberger  in all his books did not write anything on the control of the aircraft, but left this open to the designers to develop. Although research into the “Coanda Effects”, opened more doors in this area. Some Information obtained from “Project Silverbug” shed new light on lateral stability and control. In my book of Aircraft Design, the ultimate goal is to keep it simple, light, and get as much power for the buck. Lift over weight, thrust over drag, or just maybe we can do away with drag altogether. This is a very possible theory, and I will address this in these writings.

            The design of the aircraft is being developed to incorporate some important features. It must be able to fly under Part 103 category of legal Ultralights in order to have permission from the FAA to fly. Recent changes are in regards to safety issues and they are as follows.

1.    Control of flight using more conventional flight surfaces such as Ailerons, elevator and rudder system, must be incorporated to provide aerial mobility. If a failure of the propulsion system occurs, then a safe return to mother earth must be the top priority alternative.

2.    Piloting seating and visibility in regards to all  flight maneuvers. A full wrap around clear lexan window provides 360 degrees of visibility for the pilot. (See VLX-2 Design) Pilot will be half-seated and half-standing with a special seat harness to keep him in place in all maneuvers. A control stick in each hand, right actuates aileron and elevator control, which is combined, and the left provides accelerator throttling. Feet control rudder movements. Problems of control at speeds past the speed of sound is still to be addressed.

3.    Aircraft empty weight of 254 lbs. can be achieved very easily since there is no relative weight to the Repulsion Implo-motor as compared to combustion engines of today. Much attention has to be given to the structural integrity. Stainless steel and titanium are being considered as primary metals. It is the unknown speed capability that might be obtained that concerns the ultimate strength and loads.

4.    Fuel source being nominal water or possible saltwater will be contained in the wing tanks for equal weight and balance distribution. Water is only required to produce the acceleration and once the aircraft achieves a certain altitude the moisture drawn from the upper atmosphere along with the colder air creates the continuing acceleration of the implo-motor. Only a brake is required to keep it from throttling to destruction. 

5.    Choices of the avionics systems is quite different than normal combustion engines and gives a whole new meaning to gauges. Pressure and temperature gauges are required for knowledge of the pressure housing so you don’t blow the roof off. And a RPM gauge is required to regulate control of the wave plates and the REPULSION energy output. Fuel water pressure and water temperature must be maintained for maximum results. Also a fuel gauge system for water level must be accurate. A battery system will be required to operate a small hp motor to create initial spin of the wave plates. But the wave plates will provide power for recharging after spin up since this static energy is siphoned away from the wave plates when repulsion energy comes on line. Transformers are available for converting static electricity to AC/DC current. So power will be available for running other avionics such as radio and GPS navigational systems. Static energy must be contained in the vehicle and care must be taken not to create an earth ground. Some UFO’s were given rubber inflatable dampeners to keep them from obtaining an earth ground upon landing. See my Illustration 5 &6 were they using REPULSION power?

6.    An oxygen system will be required in case flight is accidentally achieved above 13k feet altitude. Pressurized cockpits for flights to 75k feet are being considered later. Our initial test flights do not include high altitude observations at this time.

In the last 100 years of manned flight, many aircraft designers and test pilots have met the pouch (a Chuck Yeager terminology) or “Screwed the Pouch” as he so put it if you survived. I am cautiously approaching the VLX & VLX-2 first flights with possible “What If” problems. This is why safety must be a top priority. I hope to be the first to fly the maiden voyage

REPULSION ENERGY (Theories and Mechanics)

Before I begin to address these issues below I must make it perfectly clear to the reader that I have no formal education beyond a long time work history in Engineering. The prognosis in which I have determined below has been achieved through much research at local libraries in chemistry, physics, math, and numerous other technical books. An also trying to interpolate Mr. Schauberger’s writings into current scientific knowledge. I have surrounded myself with men of renowned science and Mechanical Engineering to help me with equations of temperature, pressure, material considerations, high velocity motion, and Electrical Engineering problems. I have obtained the books by T. JJ. See and others, writing of their Vortex  evaluations. But most is left upon myself for final evaluation and conclusion. So please consider the following as theories until the actual working model has been achieved. I once read that the uncluttered mind can be - and often is - used as fertile land for the nurture of ideas of things yet to come. Ok, Because I get asked “How does this work” I will best describe without too much detail.

In the Research and Development of REPULSION ENERGY basic chemistry does play a big part in creating this effect. Some have already touched on areas such as “Coanda Effect”. But I will briefly touch on other areas of chemistry and aerodynamics not previously written by others.

As a civilization, we have always tried to create horsepower using methods surrounding combustion. The opposite of combustion is vacuum. The areas of vacuum have leased to be explored for extracting great quantities of energy. So the accelerator system develops its power through a natural form of rotational vacuum and earns it name as an “IMPLO-MOTOR”.  See WAVEPLATE Illustration 4 DWG.

 REPULSION ENERGY (Wave plate Mechanics)

To begin with some energy has to be expended to start the spin of the wave plates. A motor of nominal hp can be used, or it may be started by hand.  Once the spin up is achieved the inside of the egg shaped housing will begin to heat very rapidly due to air friction. When you have heat you also have expansion or pressure. Now at the top of the egg housing is located an exhaust turbine blade which is connected to the wave plates via a shaft tube. The center of this tube provides cool air to the center of the wave plates. As the pressure builds inside the housing it will automatically start driving the wave plate, via exhaust turbine. Hot heated air, and cool air is now being sucked simultaneously into the wave plate, and when we inject the water creates a basic indothermic reaction. This reaction in turn creates an expansion of pressure between the wave plates. The high rotational velocity pulls this expansion to the outside diameter where as creating the repulsion effect to happen. At the point of ejection at the outside diameter, the light air molecules expand 115 times their normal size creating an enormous air pressure. Funneling this air pressure against the outside turbine blades create a faster rotation for the wave plates. Creating a high pressure inside the egg housing, increases the rotation of the exhaust turbine. This is why the egg housing is slotted, to relieve pressure. Now it becomes a living and breathing machine creating hp or goes on to create the upside down tornado effect through the exiting of the light air..  

REPULSION ENERGY (Air Molecules or Sub Atomic Hydr.) 

If the wave plates that produce the energy are designed correctly, they will produce, after the water injection, a hybrid hydrogen molecule. Hydrogen is currently produced by electricity passing through water. Now the wave plates produce and will retain a very high amount of static electricity after spin up. When the water is injected into the wave plates, it uses this electricity to help create the hydrogen molecule. In the interpolation of V. Schauberger’s writings, supposedly, in the spinning process the hydrogen ingests the oxygen so you then end up with a hydrogen molecule with 33 electrons.  Will, this cannot happen according to science? But there is H30 (Oxonium) and science does not recognize it either. But let’s say this somehow happens in a high compression vacuum atmosphere. As the hydrogen atom is accelerated against the copper plates, the copper atom relieves the hydrogen of its remaining electron or electrons. This is how the accumulated charge is built up in the wave plates. The wave plates are insolated away from the rest of the system by means already known. So it is the hydrogen molecules that is being squeezed and repulsed at the outside diameter of the wave plates, not normal air. Just suppose that the recirculating air is hydrogen inside the egg housing and it is being heated to 400 degrees and re-sucked through the wave plates a second or third time. Now we create sub atomic hydrogen or ionized hydrogen air, which creates the blue hue effect around the outside of the egg housing.

 (When the last remaining electron is released from the hydrogen atom, it creates a spin until it attaches to another atom, this spin is the blue hue of those lost  electrons)  This is why V. Schauberger specifies copper plates for the wave plates. Other material will not suffice.

So the question is, was this the ether energy that alluded Schauberger? Hydrogen has an upward velocity of 5500 fps @ 0 degrees C. and sub atomic hydrogen has an upward velocity of 52k fps @ 0 degrees C.  Even at nominal temperatures, upward velocity decreases in proportion to the temperature.

The Repulsed air molecule, which is being ejected from the outside diameter of the wave plate, expands 115 times it size. Is this to be determined as 115 times the standard air pressure (14.7 x 115), which is being sucked in. If that is the case the pressure is to be calculated to over 1700 psi. outside the wave plates. So now we have a high natural pressure, ever expanding away from the outside of the vehicle still following the counter clockwise spin setup by the wave plates. Now, if this air is ionized hydrogen, then we have created our upwardly spinning vortex in which is formed by the egg shaped housing. It’s not the Coanda Effect being used going down across the body but the opposite going upwards. As Dr. TJJ See wrote about the lighter air pushing the heavier resistant air to the outside, this is how the effect is created. The low-pressure area is achieved above the aircraft and encapsulates the vehicle whereas (“The normal air moves the craft”) a quote by V.S. and now the craft is sucked into the heavens.

Now a quote by Dr. TJJ See, “ The centrifugal effect in a vortex throws normal dense air out to the perimeter whilst lighter air is pushed to the center.”  See my illustrations 1 & 2 on how this light air encapsulates the vehicle. Using this analogy we have now encircled the aircraft Vehicle with a bubble of light air which causes it to levitate. Lets talk about the opposite effect and use water as an example. Once there was an oilrig floating on the ocean. The drillers hit a huge gas pocket that sent up bubbles 50 feet in diameter. Soon there was no water underneath the platform, only ever expanding gas bubbles. So the huge oil platform sank into the ocean. Why, because the gas bubbles displaced so much water fluid the platform had nothing to hold it up. Well just maybe, if you displace so much light air around the object than the object has no heavier resistant air or air pressure to hold it on the ground and bon voyage. As the aircraft is sucked into the air by the upside down vortex, then the aircraft pushes the vortex further out, which creates a pulsing effect.  Velocity is squared by the distance and speed becomes reality.  Now the aircraft has to go horizontal sooner or later or you might find yourself on planet Marduk in no time.  The light hydrogen air vortex will flatten out slightly but will continue to flow ahead of the aircraft. This vortex flow will continue to separate the denser air away from the air vehicle creating a sort of vacuum bubble for the aircraft to ride in. See my illustration dubbed PG 140 which shows a circulating air current riding ahead of a UFO. Also see Illustration three, showing the sucking and pushing effect of the closing envelope.  Was the UFO using repulsion energy? Any ways since the lighter fluid or gas is cutting the denser air as stated no sound barrier is broken, and no air resistance is felt on the aircraft. So the aircraft is free to obtain velocities not achieved by aircraft previously. A pushing effect is applied at the rear by the closing air gap. The VLX-2 is designed aerodynamically to get the most of this ride. 

I quote again the words of V. Schauberger, “ If you create a situation where normal air is more dense than the air directly above or ahead of the vehicle, the normal air will move the craft.”                                                

Now may you begin to understand that if you part normal air with the lighter air, no sound barrier is broken and the vehicle picks up no resistant heat. (See PG.140 ILLUSTRATION again) If the space shuttle had use of this technology then it would not have burned up hitting the resistant air in the upper atmosphere at re-entry. They actually could create a protective air coating surrounding the aircraft until it slowed to non resistant speeds. An aircraft or a bullet breaks the sound barrier because you have two different types of matter coming together, but two similar fluids coming together create a different effect. Like fighting fire with fire. Since no heat is felt on the aircraft skin, the aircraft can be built out of nominal everyday materials. No special heat resistant material required. This is why V. Schauberger said that these aircraft could achieve speeds 6 times the jet aircraft speeds of his time. (6 x 600 mph=3600)  Well let’s see, Houston TX. To France about 1 hr travel time. How about Houston to Japan, I’ll get their long before I take off. I guess I could coin a whole new meaning to the phrase, “ Catch me if you can”. An you can take off from your backyard.


In the process of understanding this new found energy concept, I have begun to develop other types of aircraft also. One such model which is, called FIREBALL VLX. See new aircraft in this website. A conventional aircraft design using a new u-shaped wing and an 18” Dia. IMPLO-MOTOR mounted at the CG of the aircraft. It will have vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. The resulting pressures sustained by the IMPLO-MOTOR can be funneled into a titanium pressure chamber and converted into thrust for forward motion. I have calculated 2400 lbs. of thrust might be achieved in a 1200 LB aircraft producing excellent performance figures while still operating on water injection. 

The complete success of the IMPLO-MOTOR relies completely in the proper design of the wave plates. Finding the right math calculations to achieve the results is the key. Victor told Walter his son to hide it in the Math. Well, just maybe that math key was published some years Ago and maybe nobody noticed. It’s a wonder what research can turn up. My wave plates are based on these math formulas and I will say that each wave is completely different in shape and size than the one before it. Not one wave is identical. Height, width, spacing of each wave from upper and lower waves is also different. They are literally a mathematician’s worst nightmare.  See my illustration of the waveplates which were done in  autocad 3-D.  Even I cannot be totally sure of the ending results, but I think I’m possibly in the ballpark. Their have been others who attempted wave plate technology and failed.

I realized that V. Schauberger only touched a tip of a huge iceberg in wave plate technology and he new he would never live to see the advantages of his invention or did he see and was forever sworn to secrecy. Why he was not given a noble peace prize for this technology is beyond my comprehension.  Did Hitler’s scientist and craftsman finally develop the ultimate flying machine but had no time to use it? Are they still hidden away in caves in Antarctica, Technology tucked away from the rest of the world, Which by the way sits on land now owned by Norway, Germanys closest Ally.

 Did Schauberger finally lift the “Veil of Isis” and obtained some of mother earths most precious secrets. I will finally conclude with an illustration of a picture of Vimana aircraft, which I obtained from “Technology of the Gods”. This picture closely resembles the picture of the VLX-2 aircraft that I previously designed this last year before I ever saw that picture. Did Vimana aircraft use REPULSION power? Similarities are very close. There is still much to be said on the creation of the repulsion effect. I hope I have possibly shed some new light on this subject. There is much more to explain, but I will save that for the next update. Check back next year January 2005, I just might have a working model by then with pictures.

Many  thanks to Mr. James Bailey for his previous writings on Repulsion energy.  Hope he is doing well and hope to someday speak with him.

Shalom Alechem

(Peace be with you)


 Kim A. Zorzi,


Ultralight America


1.      “Tehnology of The Gods” by David Hatcher Childress

2.      “ Isis Unveiled” by H.P. Blovotsky

3.      “ VIMANA Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis” by David Hatcher Childress

4.      “ UFO, Nazi Secret Weapon” by Mattern Friedrich

5.      “Magnetism, the Causes of Gravitation” by Dr. T.J.J. See

6.      “ The Energy Revolution” the writings of Victor Schauberger, translated and edited by Callum Coats

7.      Various Chemistry Books…KAZ

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