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Electro Dynamic Air Vehicle
February 2007

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 "Dam the equations Maxwell, full speed ahead"

“So our goal here is to design a new aircraft that does not run on the usual combustion technology. But on the energy of the wind, by producing a stable vortices that can produce lift from the centrifugal acceleration of air.” (From Part 3)

Previously, we have covered a lot of territory concerning the Thermal dynamics of the Implosion System. Considering the fact thatVictor Schauberger motor is no doubt an expansion type motor. This form of power has really yet to be explored. Coming to realize that the expansion process of air can achieve 10 times more power than that of its sister
combustion engine of an equal size. Our “Fire Technology” has had its day.

My studies this last year have been revolving around compressed air technology. What I have found is a great deal of similarities between the implosion motor operation and compressed air engines. Both heating and cooling principals are applied in both technologies to generate air expansion books written a hundred years ago define all the equations associated with the implosion motor which clarify the expansion of air principals. But Victor Schauberger took it a step further imploding the energy in the plates.

Natural forces coming about in the Implosion motor to create kinetic energy can be achieved. This self sustaining kinetic energy is capable of being used in operate many different systems in many different ways as I have explained previously.

Implosion Motors by others:
Implosion motors are being worked on by others throughout the world. The pictures below clearly show that I am not the only one involved in this research.

This picture is taken from an internet interview of a man in Germany called Rauber. His Implosion motor is a very well built design indeed. But the interview was in German and I do not understand German. During this last year I received these pictures from a friend. As you can see there is a substantial amount of time and money being spent in uncovering the secrets of this illusive technology discovered by Victor Schauberger.

The above picture shows the implosion motor with the cover removed and clearly you can see the waveforms and the pressure fins at the pherifial. Again these waveforms are based off the original photographs of Callam Coats books. And again I ask, did it work? Gee I wish I could understand German.


Consider this fact, in my previous writings of the implosion motor system, I have explain the electrons being absorbed into the waveplates, released from the hydrogen molecules. Schauberger was adamant about using silver plated copper plates as waveplates. I have discovered several reasons why this must be this way.

The most important of these is the realization that the electron buildup in the waveplates also create a heating factor. For instance, one gram of copper will rise 108 C degrees in temperature when it absorbs 1 cal of heat energy, and Gold will rise more than 300 C degrees. Electrical current contained in the plates, will heat the copper. The heating element once thought to be the frictional rotation of the air currents, can now be realized to be caused by the electrical containment itself. The more electrons absorbed by the copper plates, the higher the
Heating effect of the copper. This heating effect is what induces the endothermic reaction to happen in between the waveplates and creates the implosive pressures to come about at the peripheral. More heat is developed an contained near the peripheral.

A large amount of Eddy Currents build up in the Waveplates and are contained in the waveplates because of the Spirally-Segmented disk. Tesla once said that a subdivision of a disk would be an enhancement in regards to the beneficial eddy currents. This was noted by research done on the Homopolar Generator.

Tesla wrote as his comments were in regards to these Eddy Currents:

The current once started may then be sufficient to maintain itself and even increase in strength.

“As the current is generated by the EMF, a negative spiraling effect is seen as the disk rotation leads the radial current around the disk on its way across it. A further experiment is possible with a radially-segmented disk to eliminate these eddy losses which tend to demagnetize the field. An alternative which Tesla proposed, is a Spirally-segmented disk which becomes a self exciting Faraday generator, countering demagnetizing effects. This creates a self excited homogeneous state. Information obtained from Thomas Valone’s “Homopolar Generator Handbook” page 59. A very good reference for reading.

A self sustaining Dynamo does not require a constant supply of magnetic field, but does require a constant supply of mechanical energy to keep the conducting material moving.

The Implosion motors mechanical energy sustained from the Implosive power maintains this conducting field.

The heat energy accumulated in the peripheral is not coming from the friction heat, but also from the compression effects of the gas’s. Compression causes heat to happen, as noted in the compress air manuals. So the higher velocity of the plates spin are also causing this heat. So now we have two known sources of heat explained, electron accumulation and gas compression.

Another principal was explained by Jim Griggs of Hydrodynamics:

When a centrifugal pump tries to push more fluid out than it takes in, starving in effect the pump inlet, microscopic bubbles form in the water and implode as pressure increases in the pump. When this shock wave caused by a water hammer passes thru the liquid, energy dissipates as heat.

This effect can also be realized in the Conical Type Motor known as the Clem Cone Motor written by KEELYNET. See next page for detail.

His Theory of the Implosion Effect is also explained this way:
Is that the particular configuration of the rotating cylindrical member’s causes a molecular structure realignment in the liquid medium due to the type of shear forces imparted. These forces are amplified due to the phenomenon of Bernoulli’s principal of fluid motion taking place between the rotating and stationary parts.

Also information found in other websites concerning the velocity of a vortex:
In high-speed flows through orifices it is observed that, as the speed of flow and turbulence increase, the resistance to the flow increases until a certain speed and then, suddenly, beyond a critical speed, the resistance disappears and suction sets in. Physicists interpret this as ‘a reversion of the coefficient of internal friction’ or, in other words, the viscosity coefficient becomes negative!

A perfect example of this can be found in the Clem Cone motor as seen below. It is argued that this type of motor design uses the same principals asDescribed in Victor Schauberger’s home power unit.

As seen in the above patent filed in 1972 as a “Truncated Conical Drag Pump” matches the description of Clems motor. For more information see I could fine several uses for an engine of this design. It is a fact that this engine would run better as a vertical shaft type.

Most of my work this last year in the design of the Double implosion motor system, has been in the development of the electromagnetic vortex located in the center between the two motors. As specified in Part 4, a drawing was posted showing the workings. Creating a magnetic vortex in the center of 2 high speed implosion motors will produce a EMF of considerable proportions. When you take into account the ionized hydrogen gas circulating also in the magnetic vortex then the creation of a Magnetohydrodynamic generator comes into being.

In the study of magnetic fields I find that many reasons why inventers cannot produce magnetic resonance type systems is because of the difficulty to reproduce the magnetic effects. This is of the reasons that materials can change in consistency’s and thickness. Also to clearly define the imprinting of the magnetic field into the materials on a consistent basis is still a hit and miss affair. No two magnets ever come out the same when they are produced. The magnetic field strength can be weaker or stronger depending on the amount of current applied in the manufacturing process. So it is still an expensive proposition to produce consistent magnets on a quality basis. American manufacturers of magnetic products make sure that their products are not being used to create self running perpetuating magnetic systems. They know this so their consistency of magnets produced are always changing in design and materials. As you approach any of the magnetic manufacturers for purchases, many questions are asked as to what purpose you are using them for. Unanswered questions usually lead to no product exchanging hands. So the question is, “Who has tied the hands of our magnetic manufacturers?”.

In my research, I have designed a set of magnetic plates best to create the magnetic field potential that I am looking for. One plate sits directly on top of the other one facing each other and the will spin into the curves of each other. This is so the magnets field are crossing at 90 degree angles curving into the center. I cannot say at this time why I have
chosen this design. Those that know magnetics will understand its form.


The magnets are glued to the copper plates and made of a material mix that I have chemically produced. I will form and imprint my own magnetic field so as to better control my production.

The top plate is spinning clockwise and the bottom plate is spinning counterclockwise. So you can see the overlays of the magnetic fields as they cross each others paths. Their spin will be in 15-20k RPM range.

Located between the upper and lower magnetic fields will be the coil plate as shown below. As each of the upper and lower magnetic field plates cross over each coil they will induce a magnetic current. This current will be siphoned and processed and sent to the leading edges to produce the Electrokenetic thrust.

Coil Plate design shown above.

Next year will hopefully bring new pictures and information into the building process Of our own Repulsine system. But a lot of my time Is being devoted to the Air Powered/Generator System which is posted On my site.

Continued writings from James Bailey

These are the writings from Mr. Bailey which has been a long time researcher and builder of implosion type systems. These postings have been edited from the original emails.


I need to give you a simple but "DANGEROUS" pyromagnetic experiment.

It was not my idea. A man dropped steel bearings down a tube past a horn magnet and one day achieved resonance and the the bearing went right through the "WALL" of his garage!

What I found out in experimentation is that it uses both the "WIND" and thermo magnetic flux changes as its power source.

I also have new information regarding the Searle effect generator bearing.

I believe we have a case for an auto-driving resonator based on a tuning fork with a cold air, hot air expansion and contraction effect.

We must revise our Repulsine information to stick to a "WARM AIR IMPLOSION" technique in the inner chamber.

This results from warm air being drawn between the plates. The warm air is from the base of the Repulsine shell.

The air implodes as cold air from the vortex effect inside the Repulsine rapidly cools the wave plate trapped warm air.

Now, highly compressed air is sent to the rim of the wavy disc in a progressive pattern from center to rim.

If I am correct then a Repulsine is being cooled from the rim by the atmosphere and heated at the center from the intake air. We would "NOT" require any change in shell temperature. It would be a steady state effect.

If I am proven accurate in my analysis we have the "SOLUTION" to the Repulsine. There is no reason to worry over a two state device that must first get cold, then hot. It is a continuous implosion effect.

I want to present to the public a clear purpose on this research. No half baked theory.
I can validate my case for this Repulsine power source based on warm air confined plate implosion compression.

We should discuss it by phone one night. That way your web sight will be the most accurate information in the world on the Repulsine subject if you wish to use my research notes.

Kim, have no further contact with Nick Cook. I warned him several researchers have been killed. I am also referring to the fellow in California with the implosion powered car engine.

Nick is living in a fantasy world as far as his research into Schauberger.

He thinks it’s all just coffee talk. We both know there is real danger in getting this information out to the public.

They have no problem with theory as I told Nick. "BUT" demonstrate just one new implosion or magnetic powered device and the goons are going to look into your personal affairs.

It’s the demonstration of actual technology that puts us into the greatest risk category.

Nick "STILL" does not believe that Schauberger was told to "SHUT UP" or else!

Nick simply believes this is science story and not a struggle between a powerful world government and the average man.

I am sure he believes me to be a paranoid now. I can not change that. He simply will not accept the fact a lot of implosion and magnetic energy researchers have met with a terrible fate!

One day he may see the truth. This is dangerous business. The research has risk and so does publishing the results. The governments of the world have secret directives in regard to implosion energy sources. We will never see them coming or see them leave. As for Nick Cook he chooses to bury his head in the sand on the deliberate suppression of Schaubergers implosion technology. He will probably never contact me again...A sad thing for the years I devoted to un-covering Schaubergers deliberately lost technology.

I would like to talk to you by phone about putting my research on your web sight. It’s all given to you for your use and the benefit of the general public. I do believe we need to be consistent however and refrain from conflicting theories.

Looking forward to talking with you again. Mr. Bailey

P.S. Kim remember that the ball bearing pyromagnetic experiment is dangerous. I will illustrate it for you. The power level is nothing less then astronomical as the magnetic flux is increased to maximum near the chimney pipe.” VERY DANGEROUS AND UN-

PREDICTABLE EXPERIMENT"....perform only with great caution away from all by- standers!

LETTER 12/31 “Repulsion-Implosion Plate Compressor Technique”
Pg. 01                                                                                                  Jjb26.bmp

Kim, I know this is "NOT" what you are attempting to build.

I want you to see this concept for what it is.

I have worked on the technology of a magnetically imploded gas compressor.
I am trying to prove to you that Viktor did "NOT" suck air from the top of his Repulsine.

He sucked the air in from a small hole at the bottom.

The outside is very cold from atmospheric vortex cooling.

The inside of the Repulsine at the rim is very hot.

This is from the puffs of compressed air from the clapping plate compressor.

The "INNER CORE" of the Repulsine chamber is very cold. Remember we are only following the H-R tube strategy.

It is a well proven fact that spinning compressed air will form a hot rim and cold center vortex.

The center of the Repulsine is "ALSO" at a low pressure.

This low pressure condition assists in the "OPENING" of the implosion plates.

There is always a powerful lift between them, without the internal vacuum to open them they will not compress well during implosion.

This is a constant action. Warm air is drawn in at the base of the Repulsine and sucked between the two wavy disc plates.

The cold air vortex core above the wavy disc plates collapses the warm air and compresses it as if giant hands have "CLAPPED" together.

The compressed air is then spun out against the inside rim of the Repulsine shell. Part of the compressed air heats the rim. The other part cools the inner core.

It is not an easy device to understand.

The heat engine is driven by a difference in temperature between the bottom intake hole and external Repulsine shell.

"ALWAYS REMEMBER" the hand clap is progressive from the center to the rim of the wavy disc plates. It is like an expanding wave pattern.

This helps to maintain a constant thrust of compressed air to the rim of the wavy disc plates.

So the secret of Repulsine is warm air implosion.

The warm air trapped between the two wavy disc plates collapses as cold air above it cools it.

This generates a powerful pulse of compressed air from the rim of the wavy disc plates.

I know you are attempting to bring the air in from above the Repulsine.

I "CONTRADICT THAT THEORY" with this interpretation.

We "MUST" present both concepts to the public. In the end history will choose the better of the two Repulsine concepts. They are directly exclusive of each other and must be presented apart from one another.

The use of this version of the Repulsine is up to you. Do not take it lightly.

I do my physics with great care. I always look at more then one possible solution and this is it.

If we add a magnetic field to the implosion plate compressor we increase the energy output many times!

It will still use an external down wash of cold air and an internal input of warm air between our implosion plate compressor. I will send you a new diagram of a magnetic version of Repulsine.

Kim, listen to what I say. It is very important the wavy disc plates open inside a partial vacuum!

That vacuum can only be found inside a closed and partially evacuated plenum chamber.

That allows the plates to intake the maximum amount of air before they implode and clap together.

You will find there is a logic problem to bringing the air in from the "TOP" of Repulsine solved by bringing the air instead in from a hole at the bottom as this diagram illustrates.

Kim! The secret to all of these machines is cooling warm air trapped between two plates! Adding a magnetic field increase the efficiency of this effect. It will still work without a magnetic field, but it requires a partial vacuum chamber to house the wavy disc plates. In the magnetic version a powerful counter-spring is used to force the plates apart.

A final note to you. I believe the Physics texts "PHYSICS DEMONSTRATION EXPERIMENTS V1&2 are from "HARRY F. MEINERS, THE RONALD PRESS COMPANY, NY 1970".

They cost I believe $140.00 a book. Physics Demonstration Experiments Vol 2 (Heat,E&M,Optics,Atomic and Nuclear Physics)

I told the people of Keelynet about them before Jerry Decker began erasing my name from his sight. They were very excited when they found almost every experiment they

had been discussing on the web in those two volumes written in 1970.I do not know how many bought them. They are fantastic books!

I hope this helps you write up your revised information layout on Viktor's work.
You have my permission to use whatever you find helpful from my letters to you. I am here to help you.

P.S. Remember there is far more information to give you. The Bessler wheel will also soon be in your grasp. Implosion Kim. That is the key! There is also the Burt Rutan water wheel to analyze. It is so simple, yet very clever. You will find it a very worth while study. It uses compressed air bursts to blow water to the center as it ascends and roll the water to the rim as the water wheel descends out of balance. Think about it...It has 6 rim mounted pulse jet chambers


I want to thank all the people who have become my friends this last year, for there encouragement and contributions.

The automobile, the airplane, trains, bicycles, motorcycles all have had a period of development spanning a half century. No doubt this technology will follow a long road as well.

Unfortunately, like all technologies, require a great deal of funding to bring it to a development point where all can enjoy it. Where are the American investors and why don’t they want to promote new technology at home?

Over and over again I hear and see the great entrepreneurs of our day being shoveled over in dirt and all their technology and wisdom taken to the grave. All because our investor capitalist have no concern for the benefits of humanity.

Our President Bush makes a request to the American people for new technology, and yet our patent office sits on thousands of confiscated patents. Idea’s that can change the world forever, but now sitting in a file that is marked “Top Secret”. Several inventors who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars themselves to build an energy based system has had them confiscated by the military elite. And they are told to shut up or die. Why is it that General Motors can publish articles that says it well promote its fuel cells to power every home in America, and Col. Bearden’s MEG unit is kept off the market for 4 years now. Just because GM has high ranking military officials on its payrolls doesn’t
give them the right to bully the market place. Every big company that gets large government contracts has military elite on its payrolls. You wonder just who’s interest they are protecting anyways.


Kim Zorzi (KAZ)

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